When I started in photography, film was all I knew. After shooting a roll I waited breathlessly for the lab to get me contact sheets, or to make my own. Film was the only medium for the message, the means to an end.

Shooting film is now mostly a luxury and a healthy dose of nostalgia. On the other hand, a medium or large format camera that I could only dream of in high school is now within reach of an ordinary person, so my teenage wishes can now be my reality.

When I picked back up with film I enjoyed many of the images I created, but I also started to look at the film itself, standing on its own--the leftover ends, the wrongly exposed bits, the mistakes. The weird pieces that get cut up and discarded. These are “pictures” (flatbed scans) of film that do not contain pictures of their own, but when combined together create patterns and colors that I couldn’t resist.

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