Eric Benjamin Hanson is a Los Angeles-based photographer whose work focuses on people and the places they inhabit. He works in digital and film, large format and small, lighted and environmental, capturing the unique styles, looks, and emotions of his subjects and their environments. 

Eric's background is in journalism and the law. He graduated from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, where he took classes in photojournalism and digital media. He worked at during summers producing web content, editing photos, and writing articles for the LA Times. He then worked in Chicago as an editor at a magazine that covered the meat industry. Later he attended law school at UC Berkeley (Boalt Hall) where he focused his studies on intellectual property. He worked for six years as patent litigator at a prominent law firm in Los Angeles where he interacted with top lawyers, scientists, and businesspeople. Eventually he gave in to the realization that his passion was working with people as a photographer, not a lawyer.

Eric grew up in Santa Monica, CA, though he enjoyed the darkroom at Santa Monica High School more than the beach.  His very first camera was a Fisher-Price Kodak 110. He lives in the hills of Northeast LA with his wife, Lauren, and their Brittany, Barley. Though Eric grew up a city boy, he loves hiking, backpacking, and hunting.

Eric can be reached by email at info at ericbhanson dot com or by phone or text at 310 594 3100.

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